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There's no better way to explore Washington's rich and diverse flora than to take to the mountains, deserts, or seacoast each year. Over the years WNPS members have compiled plant lists for many of our favorite sites. We offer them to you to enhance your enjoyment of these special places. Our lists are not always comprehensive and they may contain a few errors, but they will add to your experience if you take them with you on your next hike. Try to find what we have found and help us improve these lists.

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We wish to thank all the WNPS members and others who have enjoyed Washington's flora and took the time to create plant lists for many special places. The plant lists are managed as a joint project of the Washington Native Plant Society and the University of Washington Herbarium at the Burke Museum.

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Suggestions and Contributions

If you have suggestions about the plant lists or would like to contribute a plant list please contact a Plant List Manager: Ron Bockelman at , Ben Legler at , or Don Schaechtel at .

Special Thanks

Thanks to the Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation of Seattle and to the WNPS chapters for sponsoring the work to develop this database.