Olympic Chapter: Fourteenth Annual Teddy Bear Hike

Olympic Peninsula
January 1, 2018 10:00AM


Each meeting includes an educational program starting at 7PM, followed by a break for informal discussion and those all important refreshments. Following the break, we reconvene for a business meeting that may include discussion of conservation issues, work on special projects, plans for upcoming field trips, and reports from the state-wide Washington Native Plant Society. All our meetings are free and open to the public.

Meet NLT 10:00 am. Cappy's Woods and Trails: We will celebrate the Wilderness Within as we hike the paths and trails in the Quimper Wildlife Corri-
dor. This is a sociobotanical walk, but we will do also do a bit of
botanizing. Cappy's trails can be wet at this time of year. Bring trail snacks
no formal lunch stop.
The hike will be 2-4 miles depending on weather. Contact Fred or Ann Weinmann
at 360-379-0986 or for further information. Meeting place: Port Townsend at the end of Willamette St. From Port Townsend follow 49th, then Cook Ave. then turn left on Willamette.

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